Ways to recover data from the crashed window hard disk

Microsoft window operating system provides two option of hard disk partitioning i.e., FAT 32 and NTFS. You can use either option to make one or several partitions of your computer hard disk. All data files and folders of your window system are stored in the partition drives. The window partitions can become corrupt if hard disk develops multiple bad sectors. If you have accidentally formatted one or more partitions from your window system, all previous data stored in partitions will become inaccessible. Actually window format command does not erase the data from the system, it is stored in the root directory of physical drive. Apart from accidental formatting of window partitions, window data files may also become corrupt due to virus intrusion through network, sudden system shutdown and incomplete or broken download.

If your window data files become inaccessible due to virus codes, then scan your infected window partition or files with a powerful anti-virus program. Regular scanning the disk with anti-virus program will clean up the all malicious codes from your system. It is also necessary that you regularly update your anti-virus software to keep your data protected from latest threats.

You can also copy all your sensitive data files from the window drive and keep in safe storage devices like pen drives, CD, flash drives and floppy disks. Alternatively you can make a zip folder of several window data files and keep in portable media. If your system is connected with network system, you can share your data files with other users of the network. This can be used as backup in case corruption or deletion of original files from your window partitions.

You can also run the scandisk of window program to see the actual position of your window hard disk. If during disk scan process, your hard disk shows multiple bad sectors, then you should replace the hard disk with new one. But before doing this, you must keep backup of all secured files and folders of your old hard disk.

If you have lost both original and backup data files, then you have no option but to use a third party window disk data recovery solution. The window disk data recovery has built-in search engine to ensure fast retrieval of data files from NTFS or FAT file systems. It is capable of retrieving all forms of data from the inaccessible window partitions. The window disk data recovery software retrieves data in its original formatting and structure from the corrupt hard disk. The window data recovery solution supports all types of formatted disks i.e., IDE, SCSI, Pen drive, EIDI, SATA and ATA. It is capable of retrieving files and folders from different window partition tables i.e., FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. Using the Window disk data recovery software, you can recover images, documents, compressed folders, pictures, wallpapers, spreadsheets and presentation slides from the inaccessible file systems.

It is always beneficial to assess the features of any data recovery solution before purchase of its license key. You shall find window disk data recovery in both free and licensed version. The free program will work exactly as the licensed version works. The only difference between them is that you can save the retrieved window partition tables only with the licensed version of window disk data recovery software.