What to do when the hard disk is accidently formatted?

I have seen many people asking the question on various forums that “my hard disk has been accidently formatted. What can do to recover my data now?”. Accidental formatting of hard disk can leave every user in trouble, as this issue is concerned with major data loss. The user can lose all files, folders and program stored on the accidently formatted hard disk.

Well this blog is not just to discuss the issue but is more concerned about providing such people with a sustainable solution. So here is the solution and i.e. use data recovery software to get back all your data. Even files and folders that have been permanently deleted can also be recovered using such software. However, making the right selection is essential, as choosing any software without having the proper knowledge can disappoint you.

Kernel for Fat and NTFS is one such recovery software that can fulfill all your data recovery requirements. This recovery software recovers all available files and folders from the selected partition and enables you to save them at the desired location. You will be surprised to know that files and folders that have been permanently deleted can also be recovered. So isn’t it wonderful to get back deleted files and folders when you are striving hard to recover data lost due to accidental formatting of hard disk.