Windows Corruptions, Reasons of Corruption and Solutions

Anything said about the popularity of Windows Operating System will be an understatement. This OS has revolutionized the way men interacted with the machine. Microsoft has been coming up with a number of versions of this software to improve upon the Interface, Visual Style, Security and Searching features of the software. Some of the most popular versions of this software have been Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98.

FAT and NTFS are the file system that are used in the Windows Operating System. NTFS offers several improvements above FAT system in the area of security, reliability and extensibility. Every time you reboot your machine, some of the minor issues related to the File System are handled by the auto-recovery feature of the software. However, for all major file system corruption issue, which cannot be handled by the built-in features, you need to purchase professional third-party Software Recovery Tools that can take care of all such issues.

But, what could lead to the corruption of the Windows File System? There could be many reasons that might damage the Windows File System putting precious data at risk. Some of these have been listed hereunder:

1.Accidental deletion or formatting of the partition.
2.Illegal System Shutdown due to power failure or other reasons.
3.Virus attack corrupting the partitions.
4.Irreparable damage to the Boot Sector, Master Boot Record.

All these situations demand professional Data Recovery Software which can recover data from damaged file system because of any of the aforementioned reasons. Though a number of Tools are available in the market, you should consider a few things before purchasing the software.

1.The Software should be able to handle all types of damages as has been mentioned above.
2.It should offer full support for recovery of data from IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP, and USB drives.
3.It should work for all versions of Windows, so that, if you move to the next higher version of the Windows, your Data Recovery Software should still be useful.
4.It should recover data even if MFT has been damaged.

There are a few Solutions in the market that meet these criteria; Kernel for FAT & NTFS is one such recovery software that meets all of these requirements. You can contemplate using this Tool for meeting your Software Recovery needs.