Recovery Software Recovery software can repair NTFS and FAT volumes and recover data from the formatted partitions of hard disk. Tue, 02 Apr 2013 07:38:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Recover NTFS Partition Data when NTFS.sys file is Missing or Corrupt? Tue, 02 Apr 2013 07:38:34 +0000 admin Computer operating system provide interface between user and computer hardware. Computer operating systems like MS Windows, Unix and Linux are multi users and multitasking programs. All device operating systems use specific file systems to store user information. MS Windows use two file systems i,e, New Technology File System(NTFS) and File Allocation Table (FAT) to store information. NTFS is most powerful and secured storage facility in MS Windows.

It is suitable option of partitioning computer disk that has high storage capacity. Both NTFS and FAT partitions can store multiple data such as images, compressed folder, audios, videos, ringtones, documents and others. For smooth running of MS Windows, all Windows system files and computer hardware must work in perfect collaboration.

However, situation does not prevail uniform all the times as user sometimes lose access of their valuable data due to Windows corruption. Users very often get the most common error message when they try to run their computer:

  • Windows could not start because the following file is missing:

You will see the above mentioned error if your NTFS.sys file is deleted, missing or corrupt. There may be various reasons behind missing NTFS.sys file:

  • Virus and spyware intrusion

  • Corrupt hard disk

  • Failure of other computer hardware

  • Forced shutdown of computer

NTFS.sys is a main Windows sytem file and MS Windows will not start on your computer if this file is missing or inaccessible. If NTFS.sys file has been deleted or missing then you need to reinstall the file from the Windows installation CD. You can copy NTFS.sys file using Recovery Console of Windows installation CD. After recovery of missing file, you can restart your computer and shall be able to access all NTFS partitions on your computer drive.

In case, your NTFS.sys file has become corrupt, then you must run Windows installation CD from your CD-ROM drive and press “R” button to repair corrupt NTFS partitions. You can also copy NTFS.sys file in the Windows system folder by running MS Windows in safe mode. Safe mode runs Windows using minimum hardware resources and installed programs. When Windows starts in safe mode, copy the NTFS.sys file from Windows installation CD from DOS prompt. The command will appear like this:

copy G:\i386\ntfs.sys C:\windows\system32\drivers (Here G refers the CD-ROM Drive and C Windows default drive)

After successful copying of the system file, restart the computer and you shall get access of your NTFS partition data. If none of the aforesaid options is successful in recovering your NTFS tables, then use third party software for this purpose. NTFS file recovery software is a competent tool to recover NTFS as well as FAT partitions of the computer. It recover files and folders of your computer even when Master Boot Records is damaged or missing. NTFS File recovery software allows you to recover NTFS partitions that are lost after disk formatting. It also offer various filter options that allow you to recover specific files or folders such as zipped archive, images, word documents and others from corrupt or deleted computer drive.


MS Windows fails to start on your computer due to various reasons and you’ll get various error messages like missing or corrupt NTFS.sys file. To start MS Windows and get access of your NTFS or FAT partition, you can try different available options such as Windows Recovery Console and running MS Windows in safe mode. If all available options fail to recover Windows data, you should use proficient NTFS file recovery software.

]]> 0 How to recover missing, lost, or deleted data from Windows disk Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:11:12 +0000 admin Recovery of the hard disk data is an effort to get back all your lost data, whether they have been lost due to various possible reasons. Most common reasons for such data loss are crashed Windows, corrupted registry, virus attack, failed hard disk, Trojan horses. In such critical situations, you can’t access your hard drive and its data. Aside from these external issues, data loss also occurs due to few internal factors like bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and directory errors.

The corruption of the Master Boot Record (MBR) or boot sector is another significant reason for the loss of Windows disk data. In order to eliminate any incoming data disaster situation, you should create a backup file of the valuable data stored within the hard disk. The backup copy of data must be stored at the safe location otherwise they may also get corrupt. If you come across any such severe data loss issue then don’t get worried because there are many professional third party tools that can resolve your data loss problems.

In order to resolve Windows disk issues, you can run in-built CHKDSK utility which is used to detect and repair file system (FAT and NTFS) corruption issues. This command-line tool can also analyze the disk surface for the damaged data and gives you the option to discard or save the damaged data. Sometimes, CHSKDSK utility gets failed to repair disk corruption or doesn’t identify the Windows hard drive. When such instances occur the damage of hard disk is physical. As a result, you need to restore the updated backup file. But, if no backup is available or it is even corrupted then you should look for a professional third party Windows Data Recovery software. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery (FAT and NTFS) is an advanced tool which is equipped with various outstanding features such as three scanning modes; quick scan, extensive scan and file trace that helps on restoring data in every condition.

1)Quick Scan: It is a fastest scanning mode that ensures recovery of lost files due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, MFT corruptions, virus attacks, media errors, etc.

2)Extensive Scan: It is more advanced recovery mode which is suitable for recovering data lost due to partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions.

3)File Trace: It is the slowest but the most successful mode among the all the three existing scanning modes in the software. This mode scans hard disk sector by sector in order to find out the lost data.

Moreover, the software is also equipped with other beneficial features like save snapshot and load snapshot to save the scanning process that is useful to restart it from the same point. This offers you options for sectors to be read in one attempt, rename, overwrite, or skip the duplicate files, keep out deleted files from recovered files, or only recover deleted files. Users can also arrange software settings before starting the scanning process to the available physical device or logical drive according to the configured settings. Once, the utility restores the required data, all the recovered files are displayed in Red color for easy identification.


While working with Windows operating system, if you encounter problems due to lost data because of damaged or corrupted Windows hard disk drive then use Kernel for Windows data recovery (FAT & NTFS) tool. You can very well evaluate its performance just by downloading and installing trial version on your system.

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How to get back lost windows data Wed, 31 Oct 2012 13:00:03 +0000 admin FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) are the popular file systems used in Windows operating system. NTFS is the standard windows file system that is integrated with automated data recovery tools. These tools provide NTFS an advanced over other file systems like windows FAT. The NTFS data recovery tools help in NTFS data recovery in two methods named as; transaction logging and cluster remapping. Transaction logging is a characteristic that put off loss of data particularly through corruption of data. The whole procedure involved in performing this task is very complex. On the other hand, cluster remapping is a technical process which prevents data loss by mechanically transferring data from bad clusters sectors to good cluster sectors.

In spite of that, there are many cases when users come across various corruption problems. Such data disaster situations occur due to OS corruption, hard disk failure, sudden system shut down, virus attack, and formatting hard disk partitions wrongly. The corruption of the Master Boot Record or boot sector will certainly corrupt your Windows data. In order to get rid of any coming data loss situation in future, you should create backup file of the valuable data. The backup file data must be store in safe location and you can also store them in a removable drive. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from data disaster condition then don’t get worried because there are few trustworthy third party tools that can resolve your data loss problems.

In the current digital world, data loss is referred to the unexpected data loss or information loss. Users usually do not even think about regular backup, until some expensive data is lost somehow and we require it at any cost. The data loss incident can happen to anybody home users or professionals. Kernel for FAT & NTFS data recovery is one of the most suitable, output driven and sophisticated FAT and NTFS data recovery software which ensures to recover all data even from severely corrupted or damaged computer’s hard disk drive. This tool displays the recovered files in Red color for their easy recognition. Furthermore, the software is integrated with three different scanning modes in order to help you completely recover the every bit of lost data based on different data loss conditions. The scanning modes equipped with this Windows Data Recovery software are as follows:

  1. Quick Scan: It is the fastest data recovery mode, used for recovering data lost due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, virus attacks, media errors, recently deleted files etc.
  2. Extensive Scan: It is an advanced data recovery mode and it recovers data lost due to partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions.
  3. File Trace: It is the slowest but the most effectual scanning modes in the software which searches hard disk sector by sector for recovering the lost data.

Blog Summary: By using Kernel for FAT & NTFS data recovery tool, users can scan and recover the lost data from physical devices and the logical drives attached to your Windows OS computer. It also does not need any technical expertise for operating the tool.

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Fix Windows corruption issues and get back your lost data Mon, 10 Sep 2012 12:40:33 +0000 admin Windows operating system is the most popular operating system offered by Microsoft. There are two types of file systems with the Windows OS which are known as File Allocation Table (FAT) or New Technology File System (NTFS) file system. They are used to store and extract data from hard disk or other storage media. On the other hand, there are a number of causes due to which the data stored on hard disk or any other storage media using FAT/NTFS file system get lost. Some of the common causes are virus attack, registry corruption, hard disk formatting, loss of MBR, unexpected system shut down, etc.

Fixing these errors is not easy for a normal user as they may be complex. Therefore, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is recommended to use which is a third party result oriented and sophisticated data recovery tool. While using this utility, users are enabled to recover all data of FAT and NTFS file system, lost from your computer’s hard disk drive.
By using this data recovery software, you can ensure recovery of files or folders that have been deleted a long day ago and inaccessible through any other method. After completing the scanning process, this tool displays the lost files in the Red color, which is very useful in easy recognition. Kernel for Windows data recovery software is incorporated with various scanning modes that are based upon the situation of data lost. The three powerful scanning modes entrenched in this software are as follows:

Including above features, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool is also useful for recovering data from the physical devices connected to your system or from the accessible logical drives. A tree like structure is displayed by this software on completing the scanning process from where you can easily identify your lost file or folder. In order to enhance data recovery process, this utility is embedded with specific search options such as specific file format, Find Files and File Filter options.

1)Quick Scan mode is a quick scanning mode to ensure data recovery of lost files due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, MFT corruptions, virus attacks, media errors, etc.

2)Extensive Scan is the second but advanced recovery mode utilized to scan data lost due to partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions. It is also used when the first mode is not useful.

3)File Trace is the slowest but the most useful mode among the all the available scanning modes within the software. This mode search for hard disk sector by sector in order to find out the lost data.

Nowadays, Kernel for Windows data recovery tool is available with free evaluation version that can be downloaded by the user in order to analyze the features and performance of the tool.

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Salvage all Disk data through Window data recovery software Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:05:05 +0000 admin Microsoft Window offers two options of hard disk portioning i.e., NTFS and FAT. New technology file system or NTFS is more convenient and safe option of disk partitioning than the file allocation table or FAT. Using FAT or NTFS of Window startup CD, you can create several partitions or logical drives of the computer hard disk. All users data like documents, images, pictures, spreadsheets and emails are saved in different window partitions of user system.

The window partitions or logical drives may become corrupt or inaccessible due to wrong method of formatting, virus intrusion and reformatting of hard disk. Malicious codes or virus programs may gets installed in the local window server through host server. These malicious codes may corrupt some or all data files of window hard drive. You must make copies of window files and folders and save in portable devices like pen and USB flash drives. These copies can be used as backup when your window partitions become inaccessible.

You can also create store data of your window partitions in several BKF files. These BKF files can be used to restore original files and folders, when you’re some window partitions become corrupt or inaccessible. If you don’t have backup of your window disk data then it becomes almost impossible to retrieve files and folders of inaccessible window partitions. However, there is still one way to get back data of your deleted, inaccessible or corrupt window partitions. Use a third party window disk data recovery utility to retrieve information from the corrupt or inaccessible hard disk partitions.

Window disk data recovery utility is capable of retrieving data from different file systems i.e., NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS 5. It also supports data recovery from different storage drives such as PEN, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, PATA, SATA and USB flash drives. The Window disk data recovery utility is capable of restoring files and folders even after loss of master boot record. The software is equipped with advanced algorithms that ensure quick recovery of files and folders from inaccessible partition drives. You can repair the corrupt files and folders of your window drive in three scanning modes i.e., quick scan, advance scan and file trace. File trace option should be used when the software fails to retrieve window data with other scanning modes. Window disk data recovery tool shows a preview list of retrieved files and folders. You select some or all retrieved files and folders from the software’s preview list to save in computer.

Free version of Window disk data recovery

You can use evaluation version of window disk data recovery utility for unlimited period. The free program retrieves all data like images, pictures, audios, videos, documents, spreadsheets, emails from the inaccessible window partition. You shall be able to see a preview of all recovered window data on your computer screen. However, the software in evaluation mode does not permit the user to save the data in his/her system. This feature is only available with licensed version of Window disk data recovery utility.

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Ways to recover data from the crashed window hard disk Fri, 27 Jul 2012 07:23:10 +0000 admin Microsoft window operating system provides two option of hard disk partitioning i.e., FAT 32 and NTFS. You can use either option to make one or several partitions of your computer hard disk. All data files and folders of your window system are stored in the partition drives. The window partitions can become corrupt if hard disk develops multiple bad sectors. If you have accidentally formatted one or more partitions from your window system, all previous data stored in partitions will become inaccessible. Actually window format command does not erase the data from the system, it is stored in the root directory of physical drive. Apart from accidental formatting of window partitions, window data files may also become corrupt due to virus intrusion through network, sudden system shutdown and incomplete or broken download.

If your window data files become inaccessible due to virus codes, then scan your infected window partition or files with a powerful anti-virus program. Regular scanning the disk with anti-virus program will clean up the all malicious codes from your system. It is also necessary that you regularly update your anti-virus software to keep your data protected from latest threats.

You can also copy all your sensitive data files from the window drive and keep in safe storage devices like pen drives, CD, flash drives and floppy disks. Alternatively you can make a zip folder of several window data files and keep in portable media. If your system is connected with network system, you can share your data files with other users of the network. This can be used as backup in case corruption or deletion of original files from your window partitions.

You can also run the scandisk of window program to see the actual position of your window hard disk. If during disk scan process, your hard disk shows multiple bad sectors, then you should replace the hard disk with new one. But before doing this, you must keep backup of all secured files and folders of your old hard disk.

If you have lost both original and backup data files, then you have no option but to use a third party window disk data recovery solution. The window disk data recovery has built-in search engine to ensure fast retrieval of data files from NTFS or FAT file systems. It is capable of retrieving all forms of data from the inaccessible window partitions. The window disk data recovery software retrieves data in its original formatting and structure from the corrupt hard disk. The window data recovery solution supports all types of formatted disks i.e., IDE, SCSI, Pen drive, EIDI, SATA and ATA. It is capable of retrieving files and folders from different window partition tables i.e., FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. Using the Window disk data recovery software, you can recover images, documents, compressed folders, pictures, wallpapers, spreadsheets and presentation slides from the inaccessible file systems.

It is always beneficial to assess the features of any data recovery solution before purchase of its license key. You shall find window disk data recovery in both free and licensed version. The free program will work exactly as the licensed version works. The only difference between them is that you can save the retrieved window partition tables only with the licensed version of window disk data recovery software.

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FAT and NTFS File Systems Recovery Wed, 11 Jul 2012 04:57:41 +0000 admin Microsoft Windows operating system has various versions with advanced interface, visual style, security and searching features. Some of the popular versions are 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and 98. It uses FAT and NTFS file systems that can get corrupted due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting or reformatting of partitions, Windows registry corruption, voltage fluctuation, file system corruption, corruption in partition table, unexpected system shutdown, power failure, software failure, virus attacks, damaged boot sector, damaged master boot record, damaged MFT.

A third party software Kernel for data recovery recovers data from damaged file system. The tool ensures complete and accurate recovery of files and folders from FAT and NTFS drives.  It supports IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP, and USB drives. The tool recovers every bit of data from the corrupt, formatted, reformatted or deleted partitions. The software can be installed on any version of Windows operating systems to recover the permanently deleted files.

Recovering data using this data recovery software is very easy, as the software scans the hard disk, recovers and displays all recovered files and folders of the selected drive. The software recovers deleted files, files that are deleted from recycle bin, or files permanently deleted using Shift + Delete keys.  After recovering the data, the recovered data can be saved at the desired location.

The software is available as free demo version such that user can experience the potential of the software. The free demo version allows scanning the damaged, corrupted or formatted disk and displays the recovered data of the selected drive. The free demo version limits from saving the recovered data. For saving the recovered data purchase the full version of the software. The software supports FAT16, Fat32, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems.

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Windows Corruptions, Reasons of Corruption and Solutions Wed, 28 Mar 2012 07:56:09 +0000 admin Anything said about the popularity of Windows Operating System will be an understatement. This OS has revolutionized the way men interacted with the machine. Microsoft has been coming up with a number of versions of this software to improve upon the Interface, Visual Style, Security and Searching features of the software. Some of the most popular versions of this software have been Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98.

FAT and NTFS are the file system that are used in the Windows Operating System. NTFS offers several improvements above FAT system in the area of security, reliability and extensibility. Every time you reboot your machine, some of the minor issues related to the File System are handled by the auto-recovery feature of the software. However, for all major file system corruption issue, which cannot be handled by the built-in features, you need to purchase professional third-party Software Recovery Tools that can take care of all such issues.

But, what could lead to the corruption of the Windows File System? There could be many reasons that might damage the Windows File System putting precious data at risk. Some of these have been listed hereunder:

1.Accidental deletion or formatting of the partition.
2.Illegal System Shutdown due to power failure or other reasons.
3.Virus attack corrupting the partitions.
4.Irreparable damage to the Boot Sector, Master Boot Record.

All these situations demand professional Data Recovery Software which can recover data from damaged file system because of any of the aforementioned reasons. Though a number of Tools are available in the market, you should consider a few things before purchasing the software.

1.The Software should be able to handle all types of damages as has been mentioned above.
2.It should offer full support for recovery of data from IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP, and USB drives.
3.It should work for all versions of Windows, so that, if you move to the next higher version of the Windows, your Data Recovery Software should still be useful.
4.It should recover data even if MFT has been damaged.

There are a few Solutions in the market that meet these criteria; Kernel for FAT & NTFS is one such recovery software that meets all of these requirements. You can contemplate using this Tool for meeting your Software Recovery needs.

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How to recover an accidentally deleted file Thu, 24 Jun 2010 12:03:25 +0000 admin

Whether you are a professional computer user or a home user, you must know the value of a file. That file can be either a document, excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation, Image, Video, MP3, etc. Let us imagine a situation that you are working on an important project, which is about to be completed. You have to deliver the file in coming 24 hours. Suddenly power has gone due to which your system goes down. When you restart the system, you find that the file on which you have been working is not at the location where it should be.

Where the file has gone? The file might have been deleted. What you will do now? How you will recover the lost file back? Remember that you have to deliver the project within coming 24 hours. Think once again can you recreate the file within coming 24 hours; if yes, then nothing can be good than this. If you have potential to recreate the file once again within the available time then you are at the safe end otherwise your job is in danger. You have to save your job but how.

Do not worry because Kernel for Windows – one of the best file recovery software is there to help you. You just need to download the software, browse the location where the file has been saved before deletion, and rest of the work the software do itself. After specifying the location let the software do its work and you just need to sit peacefully and wait until the software works.

Within few minutes, you see a list of the files recovered. From those files, you have to select the one you have been working on. Select the file and save it on your computer system. We suggest you to also backup the file. Kernel for Windows file recovery software can be installed on any version of Windows operating systems to recover the permanently deleted files.

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Repairing Hard disk drive using recovery software Fri, 28 May 2010 09:54:32 +0000 admin

Hard disk drive is a critical component of your Windows installed computer for storing important data and software installation. You can store large amount of data on your hard disk drive and easily manage the same. For easy and effective management of your precious data on that hard disk drive, you can divide your hard disk into number of partitions. Creating partitions will let you prevent situations resulting in severe data loss, when your operating system crashes.

However, in certain situations the NTFS data partitions might also get damaged due to number of reasons such as virus infection, dirty system shutdown, file system corruption etc. At this point in time, you might face severe partition loss situations and need professional recovery software to resolve the issue. Mentioned below are some of the chief reasons that might result in NTFS partition corruption:

Virus Infection- Virus attacks are difficult to divert; these are malicious applications that damage the entire file system and other system data structures.

File system corruption- File system is a quite important part of a computer system that keeps a record of all its files on NTFS partitions. When the file system gets damaged, partitions become RAW and operating system is unable to locate the stored files.

Corruption in Partition table- Partition Table is an imperative data structure that keeps information about the number of NTFS partition. When the partition table gets damaged, the partitions become inaccessible or lost.

Formatting- Formatting is the process of erasing all data as well as partitions from the hard disk drive. Accidental hard disk drive formatting can result in partition loss.

In cases like these always switch to recovery software; these tools are specifically devised to recover lost Windows partitions. When any loss occurs to the partition or the data in it, only the partition entries from partition table are deleted. The partitions remain physically intact on the affected drive, and therefore it can be easily retrieved using advanced and efficient recovery software.

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