Fix Windows corruption issues and get back your lost data

Windows operating system is the most popular operating system offered by Microsoft. There are two types of file systems with the Windows OS which are known as File Allocation Table (FAT) or New Technology File System (NTFS) file system. They are used to store and extract data from hard disk or other storage media. On the other hand, there are a number of causes due to which the data stored on hard disk or any other storage media using FAT/NTFS file system get lost. Some of the common causes are virus attack, registry corruption, hard disk formatting, loss of MBR, unexpected system shut down, etc.

Fixing these errors is not easy for a normal user as they may be complex. Therefore, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is recommended to use which is a third party result oriented and sophisticated data recovery tool. While using this utility, users are enabled to recover all data of FAT and NTFS file system, lost from your computer’s hard disk drive.
By using this data recovery software, you can ensure recovery of files or folders that have been deleted a long day ago and inaccessible through any other method. After completing the scanning process, this tool displays the lost files in the Red color, which is very useful in easy recognition. Kernel for Windows data recovery software is incorporated with various scanning modes that are based upon the situation of data lost. The three powerful scanning modes entrenched in this software are as follows:

Including above features, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool is also useful for recovering data from the physical devices connected to your system or from the accessible logical drives. A tree like structure is displayed by this software on completing the scanning process from where you can easily identify your lost file or folder. In order to enhance data recovery process, this utility is embedded with specific search options such as specific file format, Find Files and File Filter options.

1)Quick Scan mode is a quick scanning mode to ensure data recovery of lost files due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, MFT corruptions, virus attacks, media errors, etc.

2)Extensive Scan is the second but advanced recovery mode utilized to scan data lost due to partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions. It is also used when the first mode is not useful.

3)File Trace is the slowest but the most useful mode among the all the available scanning modes within the software. This mode search for hard disk sector by sector in order to find out the lost data.

Nowadays, Kernel for Windows data recovery tool is available with free evaluation version that can be downloaded by the user in order to analyze the features and performance of the tool.