How to get back lost windows data

FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) are the popular file systems used in Windows operating system. NTFS is the standard windows file system that is integrated with automated data recovery tools. These tools provide NTFS an advanced over other file systems like windows FAT. The NTFS data recovery tools help in NTFS data recovery in two methods named as; transaction logging and cluster remapping. Transaction logging is a characteristic that put off loss of data particularly through corruption of data. The whole procedure involved in performing this task is very complex. On the other hand, cluster remapping is a technical process which prevents data loss by mechanically transferring data from bad clusters sectors to good cluster sectors.

In spite of that, there are many cases when users come across various corruption problems. Such data disaster situations occur due to OS corruption, hard disk failure, sudden system shut down, virus attack, and formatting hard disk partitions wrongly. The corruption of the Master Boot Record or boot sector will certainly corrupt your Windows data. In order to get rid of any coming data loss situation in future, you should create backup file of the valuable data. The backup file data must be store in safe location and you can also store them in a removable drive. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from data disaster condition then don’t get worried because there are few trustworthy third party tools that can resolve your data loss problems.

In the current digital world, data loss is referred to the unexpected data loss or information loss. Users usually do not even think about regular backup, until some expensive data is lost somehow and we require it at any cost. The data loss incident can happen to anybody home users or professionals. Kernel for FAT & NTFS data recovery is one of the most suitable, output driven and sophisticated FAT and NTFS data recovery software which ensures to recover all data even from severely corrupted or damaged computer’s hard disk drive. This tool displays the recovered files in Red color for their easy recognition. Furthermore, the software is integrated with three different scanning modes in order to help you completely recover the every bit of lost data based on different data loss conditions. The scanning modes equipped with this Windows Data Recovery software are as follows:

  1. Quick Scan: It is the fastest data recovery mode, used for recovering data lost due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, virus attacks, media errors, recently deleted files etc.
  2. Extensive Scan: It is an advanced data recovery mode and it recovers data lost due to partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions.
  3. File Trace: It is the slowest but the most effectual scanning modes in the software which searches hard disk sector by sector for recovering the lost data.

Blog Summary: By using Kernel for FAT & NTFS data recovery tool, users can scan and recover the lost data from physical devices and the logical drives attached to your Windows OS computer. It also does not need any technical expertise for operating the tool.