How to recover an accidentally deleted file

Whether you are a professional computer user or a home user, you must know the value of a file. That file can be either a document, excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation, Image, Video, MP3, etc. Let us imagine a situation that you are working on an important project, which is about to be completed. You have to deliver the file in coming 24 hours. Suddenly power has gone due to which your system goes down. When you restart the system, you find that the file on which you have been working is not at the location where it should be.

Where the file has gone? The file might have been deleted. What you will do now? How you will recover the lost file back? Remember that you have to deliver the project within coming 24 hours. Think once again can you recreate the file within coming 24 hours; if yes, then nothing can be good than this. If you have potential to recreate the file once again within the available time then you are at the safe end otherwise your job is in danger. You have to save your job but how.

Do not worry because Kernel for Windows – one of the best file recovery software is there to help you. You just need to download the software, browse the location where the file has been saved before deletion, and rest of the work the software do itself. After specifying the location let the software do its work and you just need to sit peacefully and wait until the software works.

Within few minutes, you see a list of the files recovered. From those files, you have to select the one you have been working on. Select the file and save it on your computer system. We suggest you to also backup the file. Kernel for Windows file recovery software can be installed on any version of Windows operating systems to recover the permanently deleted files.