Recover Photos from Pen Drive

Have you formatted your pen drive having thousands of important photos? You also do not have any backup of those photos so you are panic now. You want those photos back as soon as possible. Do not worry! In this article, you will know about the process of getting lost photos back. Before we start depicting the process of retrieving photos back, we provide you the tips that can save you from any kind of data loss, which you have stored in pen drive. Following are the tips that you should always remember:

  • Sometimes, when you plug-in a pen drives in the USB port, you see a message saying format the drive because data cannot be read. In that situation, do not format the pen drive rather try attaching the pen drive in any other computer or any other USB port. There may be some temporary problem with the USB port due to which you are getting message to format the drive.

  • Always scan the pen drive to keep it virus free because a virus can damage the file system leading into error messages.

  • Always maintain backup of your important photos either in the form of CDs, DVDs, or some other backup media. You can also take advantage of online backup servers.

Using the above listed tips, you can keep yourself away from data loss.  And if you lose your valuable data (photos) then you can restore them from backup. However, if you do not have backup then you the only way for you to recover photos is the recovery software that you can easily get from market.

Kernel for FAT and NTFS is efficient recovery software, which has been designed with the aim of providing effortless, fast, and affordable solution for recovering data from FAT and NTFS drives.