Recovering lost data from USB drive

USB flash drives, better known as pen drive are very handy storage devices. When you plug the flash drive in the USB port, it detects it as a removable drive and assigns a drive letter to it. Although these low power consuming drives are quite popular as these are cheap and small but corruption leaves nothing in the world of computers. Corruption of USBs might occur due to virus infections, human errors, power outages, damaged operating system etc. During such conditions, you should consider using a third party data recovery software.

Consider a situation when you have a flash drive comprising of important documents, photos etc. When you insert it after using it on another system, you come across the following error message:

Disk/drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it?”

Now you decide to format the flash drive so that you can get access to your flash drive again. Since you have important data in your pen drive, you don’t want to format your USB drive. If it had been a hard disk, then this condition could have led you towards an accidental deletion of partition. It is quite possible that the issue is with USB port and not the drive itself.

In order to resolve this issue of USB port, try to connect the flash drive to the motherboard. You see it might just work that ways as at times, wiring between the motherboard USB header and ports does not works properly with the USB drives. But if this doesn’t works too, then use Kernel for Windows partition recovery software to recover your important data. This tool is powerful and reliable and is integrated with algorithms especially to recover data that becomes inaccessible due to various corruption issues.