Personal computers use hard disks to store operating system, software and other various kinds of useful files. Besides hard disk, other digital devices use different types of storage devices or memory cards. These storage devices mainly store audio, video, photos, images, document files etc. But, there is no guarantee that the data is fully safe. And, due to many logical or physical reasons your valuable data may undergo severe corruption problems. In order to prevent such loss of important photo data you should create regular backups and you can copy them to another media or at a different location. Such precautions can be applied to minimize data loss.

Salient Features of the Tool:
  • Recovers accidentally deleted pictures or photos quickly.
  • Recovers images or pictures from corrupt or damage digital storage media.
  • Offers to recover pictures from digital media where pictures get corrupt or damaged due to improper handling.
  • Recover images or pictures even from formatting storage media

When the primary media fails and you still have data somewhere else then making backups increases the cost of storing data, but generally the cost of losing all the saved data is much higher so looking for a reliable backup of the system data always reasonable. But, there are also several cases when the data is not so important or it can easily be recreated. However, many times valuable data get lost because of mistake or accidental deletion, virus attacks, media corruption and physical damage.

Deletion of photos from the memory cards is very common in our usual life. Many persons take photos of their relatives or friends at the occasion of memorable moments but they do not much care about the safety of stored photos. In absence of proper care, there may be hard time for you when face problems in retrieving those photos from the storage media. Your photos can be lost in many events including accidental deletion, unintentional formatting or corruption of memory cards. In order to get back those photos you need Photo Recovery Tool. By applying such utilities, you can definitely extract photos of all formats (JPG, MPEG, MIDI, TIFF, GIF etc) from the media.

However, there are several photo recovery tools but you need to pick the best one among them. Photo recovery tool is a third party tool that is especially designed to recover lost data from wide range of digital storage media. This software can retrieve photos from Pen Drives, Flash Cards, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Micro Drive, MMC Cards, XD Cards, Secure Digital Card, Hard Disks, Zip Disks, SD Cards and Mini Disks with full accuracy. By using this software, you can easily restore your critical data lost due to scratches or other physical damage to the medium, physical failure of the medium, power spikes or surges, virus infections, human error, natural disasters, and more.